We at Ghronda.com are aware of your concern regarding the protection of your data and we would like assure you that ghronda strictly follow the no data share policy so all your information is safe and intact with us.  Kindly go through the below key points.

Does ghronda.com store data and activity done on the website?

Yes, your activity and the data which you share on the website in stored with us but we will like to assure you that all the data is 100% secure and intact.

All the information is stored with us so that we can improve your experience on the website and provide you with most relevant information

We also use some web data collection devices like cookies to analysis your interest and your page flow so that we can provide you with most relevant information. Cookies are files which are stored on your hard drive during session with the website, cookies also helps you rembrer your password so that you don’t have to re-enter your password every time, usually your system automatically delete cookies if they are not used, you can also chose weather you allow to store cookies on your system by your browser setting but in that case you will not be able to use some of our services.

Some key areas where we store data:-

1) While creation account on website

2) When order is place.

Does ghronda.com share any data?

We at ghronda.com strictly follow the no data share policy so data which enter is kept safe and intact. But there are some key areas where your data is used to provide you services.

Shipping and delivery services:-

We employ few third partly vendors for delivery, packaging data analysis, marketing analysis, fulfilling orders, promotions etc where your data might be shared but they may not use your information for any other purposes.

 Does ghronda.com use our data for promotion activity?

Yes ghronda.com uses your data to send you some promotional mails and message but those are ghronda related information but we also provide you option to opt out of those activities by clicking unsubscribe on the message receive.

Is data we share is secure with you?

We at ghronda uses ssl (secure socket layer) to encrypt data so that your information securely transmitted but however you also needed to be carefully in sharing your account detail and signing out of your account every time you are not using website.

Links to other website?

Yes you might encounter few links to third party website which might collect few of your information or data which you share on their website. Ghronda.com is not responsible  for the privacy policies of that website.

Your Consent

By using this website you consent to the collection of your information on the website is accordance to the website privacy policy, including but not limited for sharing your information as per our privacy policy.

In future we might change the privacy policy which you will be able check on the same page.